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6 Tips For Buying the Freshest Fish

Monday, February 10, 2014

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We're all about buying and serving the freshest fish at Eastchester Fish Gourmet! So when you're in the market for fresh fish, we want to make sure you know exactly what you need to look for and remember these six tips about how to tell if fish is fresh!

1)    Check out the fish’s eyes.

If it’s a whole fish, take a look at the fish’s eyes and make sure they are clear, bright and full. If the fish's eyes are sunken or cloudy, steer clear of purchasing it. Once a fish is past its prime, their eyes will become dull and cloudy, so keep your eyes open for this!

2)    Look at the gills.

When buying fresh fish, make sure the gills are bright, rich red and wet, but not slimy. If the gills are a dull and dark red color, it means the fish is aging – and you do not want an old fish.

3)    Something smells fishy (and not fresh)!

If a fish does smell fishy, skip over that one! A fishy smell is exactly what you’re not looking for. That won’t go away with cooking – what you smell is what you get. You’ll want to buy fish that has a fresh sea smell if you want a fresh seafood dinner.

4)    How firm is your fish?

If you’re buying a whole fish, the flesh should be firm. If you press it with your finger, the skin should bounce back, not leave a fingerprint. If it doesn’t bounce back, your fish is not fresh!
5)    Is the flesh vibrant?

If your fish fillet’s skin is shiny and vibrant, then that’s yet another clue that it’s a fresh pick! Judge a book by its cover here – stay clear of fish with dull and fading flesh and look for vibrancy!

6)    Buy from a reputable fishmonger.

You want to find a dependable fishmonger who knows how to buy and handle fish properly. Make sure that they will stand by their product and its quality. Find out exactly where they are getting their fish. As a customer, you need to know they will deliver consistently fresh fish, don’t settle for less!

Keep these six simple tips in mind as you shop for the freshest fish, Westchester, and you’ll be sure to have a great meal in store!


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